BioBLU® Single-Use Vessel Adaptor Kits

Image – Adaptor Kit BioBLU3c-5c, Small scale
Image – Adaptor Kit BioBLU3c-5c, Small scale
BioBLU® Single-Use Vessel Adaptor Kits

Eppendorf BioBLU Single–Use Vessels combine all the advantages of single–use technology with the trusted performance and scalability of a stirred–tank design. Eppendorf's range of adaptor kits makes them applicable to your existing Eppendorf controller. More information

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Single-use vessel adaptor kits convert existing autoclavable bioreactor controllers for use with Eppendorf BioBLU Single-Use Vessels. Easy to install kits provide all the necessary equipment for conversion.


  • Adapt your existing Eppendorf DASbox, DASGIP, and BioFlo/CelliGen autoclavable systems for use with Eppendorf BioBLU Single-Use Vessels
  • Provides all the benefits of single-use technology with minimal upfront investment
  • Kits include all parts necessary for conversion of the respective system, such as motor adaptor, exhaust treatment, and more
  • BioBLU vessels sold separately
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BioBLU® Single-Use Vessel Adaptor Kits
Video: BioBLU® Single-Use Vessel Adaptor Kits – Video – BioBLU Vessel Setup