DASGIP® PBR4 for PhotoBioreactor Illumination


Phototrophic cultivations comprise a wide range of organisms using different types of chlorophyll. To address these individual requirements the Eppendorf DASGIP PBR4 enables illumination of photobioreactors with selected wavelengths, ideally matched to the absorption maxima of relevant chlorophyll molecules. More information

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The DASGIP PBR4 module provides parallel illumination of up to 4 bioreactors under individual conditions. By selectively varying the light intensities of different wavelength channels A, B and C, both the spectral composition and the overall intensity of the resulting light can be adjusted according to individual requirements. In addition to a continuous illumination mode the DASGIP PBR4 module supports the configuration of variable day/night cycles and the programming of different flash modes.


  • Parallel illumination of up to 4 vessels (DASGIP PhotoBioreactors)
  • Three individually controlled channels A (660 nm, 780 nm), B (572 nm, 625 nm, 640 nm) and C (453 nm) reflecting the relevant chlorophyll absorption wavelenghts
  • Continuous mode or flash mode with adjustable period and pulse width
  • Day/night simulation
  • Illumination carried out with DASGIP LED Illumination Devices
  • Can be operated as stand-alone solution with EasyAccess Software