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Image – DASware design single
Image – DASware design single

State-of-the-art process development follows Quality by Design (QbD) guidelines. Design of Experiments (DoE) is a structured method to reduce the amount of process runs necessary to find a proper design space for the manufacturing process. Eppendorf DASware design integrates popular DoE tools and automatically applies DoE to Eppendorf and third-party bioreactor systems. More information

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The DASbox Mini Bioreactor System and the DASGIP Parallel Bioreactor Systems serve as ideal platforms to carry out Design of Experiments (DoE) on bioreactors in parallel. DASware design automatically compiles DoE information from DoE software tools into recipes and feedback response information into DoE and multivariate analysis and reporting tools.
The software comes with a full factorial DoE builder. Alternatively, a large variety of DoE designs for screening, process development and optimization can be automatically imported from third-party DoE tools. Parallel recipes incorporating the DoE factor variations (i.e. pH, DO, temperature set-points or feed rates) are automatically populated. Following our Point-Click-Grow concept they can be carried out on a set of bioreactors with a single mouse-click.


  • Built-in full factorial DoE: easy definition of experimental factors and responses; center points and randomized positioning of runs
  • Integration of third-party DoE tools
  • Recipe generator supporting multiple system layouts


  • DoE with parallel bioreactor systems such as the DASbox Mini Bioreactor System
  • Screening, process development and optimization